Ed Braniff Biography

Ed Braniff Background

Ed Braniff, a self-proclaimed desert-rat from Nevada, has the view of nature that the thing is just what it is but somehow he sees what is in what was.  Ed now combs the banks of Crazy Woman Creek south of Buffalo, Wyoming looking for treasure?unusual pieces of dead cottonwood (it  must be dead to be suitable).  His eye sees past the weight of punk and decaying, blackened shells of trees and finds a different kind of life in their myriad colors.  Out of his vision and hundreds of hours of sanding, shaping, and finishing these creek bank decorations come his functional art pieces.  

Ed has a natural ability to really see what is possible in these dead stumps that started when he was young.   In places that seem empty and lifeless to others, Ed finds intrigue and beauty.  Taking the time to watch a tortoise crawl across a road or peer inside holes in trees made by branches broken off in storms, Ed gives creation time to reveal itself.  Rather than thinking himself as an artist, he considers what he does as unwrapping what was always there.

Growing up in Nevada, Ed saw the entire northern part of the state as his back yard.  It was his training ground.  Ed worked many years on the ranches of northern Nevada, was now and then a miner or construction worker, and eventually became a long-haul driver.  Time and circumstances moved him from Nevada to other country.  Finally, on one of his treks as a long-haul driver he stopped by to have coffee with a friend, one of the crazy women on Crazy Woman Creek.   He returned so often, he finally just married her and stayed.