Artist Biography

Tim Whitworth Biography

Tim Whitworth is a freelance sculptor who specializes in Western Wildlife.  He has an ability to capture the unique personalities of the animals and birds he sculpts.  Art and wildlife have played a dual role in Tim's life since youth.  He has a great love for both and has raised and nurtured many animals as he has grown up.  He not only has a knowledge, but knows the mechanics and the individual characteristics that bring each one to life.  Tim's subjects convey the effect of all the energy and emotion he feels when he sculpts a piece.  "When someone looks at one of my pieces, I want them to see the same detail the subject has in real life."

Tim delights in creating, and with his fresh innovative ideas, his pieces have a knack of catching the viewer's eye.  "I enjoy bronze because the viewer can touch, caress and rub the piece, therefore enjoying the detail with their hands as well as their eyes."

Tim Whitworth was born in Logan, Utah, in 1950 and was raised in the Mesilla Valley of Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Beginning as a small child he spent every spare moment exploring, stalking, and studying the animals of his environment.  His appreciation for the wilderness of Idaho began with summer vacations there.  Tim currently resides in Idaho where he and his wife raised their four children.

Art has always been a strong talent in Tim's growth.  With a major in art always in mind, schooling was delayed from time to time while Tim worked the trades to stay in school.  Experience was gained as a plumber, tin smith, and electrician.

Having experienced the many media in art, three dimensional is a favorite.  Tim has been a freelance sculptor since 1981, when his first bronze, "Spring Run", gained his signature.

His work is not only limited to animals and birds, but he also sculpts human figures.  Tim's work has brought him numerous awards and found its way into many private collections throughout the United States, as well as the opportunity to compete and create lifesize commission pieces.

All casting and finish work except the pouring of the metal is done by Tim.