PAINTBRUSH COWBOYS: July 27 A 3-Man Show for Master Western Artists Who Live What They Paint

Something amazing happens when you give the right cowboy a paintbrush. 

Grant Redden, Don Weller and Charles Dayton are three cowboys who you can trust to hold a paintbrush as well as reins. 

Redden with his vivid impressionistic style has walked away with major awards from the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America Show while painting life in rural Wyoming. 

Weller’s accumulated more than 40 awards from top Western art shows while painting watercolors of cowboys with a light modern flair and bold color palette.

And Dayton’s classical oil painting style offers intimate glimpses into life on the range that collectors recognize as something unique.

All three of these men are comfortable in a saddle, and it shows in the authenticity and vibrancy of their work as they capture the simple moments around them on canvas.

That’s what being a Paintbrush Cowboy is all about. 

Enjoy the show!

– The Wilcox Gallery Crew

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