Alexander Saidov

Born in 1970 in Pavlovsk, Russia and graduated with honors from the Krasnodar Art College in 1989. In 1995 he was accepted into a prestigious Union Of Artists of Russia, and since 1991 has been a permanent participant of the city, regional and country-wide exhibitions of the Union. In 1998 Alexander won First Place at the regional exhibition of the “young talent”. In 2000 he was a finalist of the all-Russia exhibition of young artists, and received the “Best Merit” award for his painting “Feast on the Rug”. In 2004 Alexander received Silver medal on the Juried Show “St Petersburg, Spring”, and the Gold Medal on the “St Petersburg, Fall”. In March 2005 President of the Academy of Fine Art of Russia called Alexander “one of the most promising young artists of contemporary Russia.” In 2003 two of Alexander’s paintings were purchased by the Museum of Modern Art of Omsk, Russia and another was purchased by Museum of Ethnography of the Don region. In 2004 one painting by Alexander was purchased by the Russian Academy of Fine Art, Moscow. In 2006 The City Art Gallery & Museum of Krasnodar purchased four still-life paintings by Alexander and included them in their permanent collection. In 2007 two of Alexander’s paintings were purchased by the Administration of the President of Russia to be part of the permanent art collection at the Presidential palace in Gatchina, St Petersburg. In 2009 Alexander was included in the catalogue “100 Best” by Art Renewal Center’s International ARC Salon, USA. Main exhibitions: 1991 Regional exhibition “Young Russia”, Moscow House of Artists, Moscow 1998 Regional juried show “Young Talent”, Krasnodar, Russia 1999 exhibition of Russian artists at "Noah's Art Gallery", Beirut, Lebanon 2000 Solo exhibition in "Kunst Handlung, Rotzel & Co", Frankfurt, Germany 2000 All-Russia juried show “Artists to Watch", Moscow, Russia 2000 Solo exhibition in "Gallery Breheret", Paris, France 2000/2003 Solo exhibition in "Gallery Art Coupe", Mainz, Germany 2002 Art Salon in the Moscow House of Artists, Moscow 2003 show “South Russia”, Krasnodar, Russia 2003 Exhibition in the Museum of Ethnography of the Don region. 2003 Solo exhibition in gallery “Bedoir”, Stockholm, Sweden 2004 Solo exhibition in gallery “Steps”, Krasnodar 2004 Juried shows in the Artists Union Hall of St Petersburg, in Spring and Fall 2005 Group exhibition “Salon of the four”, Krasnodar 2005 Exhibition in Adegeiski Museum of National Arts & Crafts 2005 exhibition “Classical games”, Krasnodar 2005 show at the Academy of Fine Art of Russia, Moscow, Russia 2006 Personal exhibition in “Nevska Gallery” San Francisco, USA 2007 Personal exhibition in “Nevska Gallery” San Francisco, USA 2007 Art salon in the Moscow House of Artists, Moscow 2008/2018. Great musicians have absolute pitch and they not only can hear but can create absolutely exact and beautiful sounds. Same with visual artists. Good artist sees many more colors than regular people. But some of the artists can see much more. Like musicians’ “absolute pitch” they have “absolute vision.” It is a rare quality and usually manifests itself in a very early age by an ability of a child to paint and draw very realistic objects with many small details and many more colors that other people do not even notice. Saidov is a champion of this “absolute vision.” When he was a middle school student he painted on the top of his desk a rubble bill and had students and teachers alike trying to grab the bill with absolutely puzzled faces… even attempting to grab it several times. In all his paintings Saidoff brings so many details that our eye mistakes his images for a real thing, and we want to touch them to be sure they are not real. Especially you can see it in his still lives. The absolute vision combined with perfect technique is what differentiates Saidov from almost all other painters. It's romantic, it's great and it's magnificent. Look at the details, at exact colors, at the real feel they produce….

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