Oscar Campos

Oscar Campos
Oscar Campos Biography Oscar Campos is a native of Argentina, born in Cutral Co in Patagonia. He comes to the United States annually to exhibit his work during the Fall Arts Festival in Jackson, Wyoming. His realistic wildlife paintings and amiable manner leave an impression on the people he meets. Campos's work has been displayed all over the world and admired by kings. He is a prominent artist in Argentina, and has enjoyed breaking into the scene in the United States. A disciple of renowned Argentinian artist Axel Amuchastegui, Campos's disarming artwork has traveled the world for both temporary and permanent display. Art critic and poet Rafael Squirru: "Looking at Campos' work, no matter the techniques used, implies getting into a world which goes round the edge of magic thanks to its realism. These paintings seem to emerge from the sudden evocation of somebody who has conclusive words capable of making animals appear, as a genie from "Arabian Nights" may appear. "Campos has a vocation as serious as inspired, to remind us that art is not a trinket, a "show" or just "amusement."
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