The evolution of the revolution in plein-air painting easels, available in Compact, Ultra or Trio




Get a deluxe studio experience en plein air with Soltek's most fully featured easel ever. 


At 7 pounds 2 ounces light, the Soltek Ultra is nearly 30% lighter than the original Soltek Easel but still has more tricks up its sleeves. 


Despite losing weight and adding features, the Soltek Ultra still holds all you need but talent.



Paint plein air easier than ever with the smallest, lightest fully featured easel in the world. 


At a measly 6 pounds 4 ounces, the Soltek Compact weighs about 38% less than the original Soltek or 12% lighter than the Soltek Ultra. 


Separates into two pieces for maximum packability and portability. 


When it matters, the easel comes together in seconds so you never miss a moment.



Paint anywhere with the Soltek 2.0, the lightest fully featured plein-air easel in the world.


 Designed to be easy to carry anywhere, easy to use and impossibly fast to set up, you'll never want to leave it home.


Starting at 6 pounds light and a shocking 38% lighter than the original Soltek. 


Packable so your painting trips are full of possibility-not extra weight.


Sets up in seconds so you never miss a moment.


Auto-locks wherever you want it.


Oil. Watercolor. Michaelangelo.


Pick your comfort and pleasure and Soltek easel-ly adapts to your creative vision.


Soltek is determined to let you paint anytime, anywhere.


Grippy rubber feet cling like mountain goats to your surface of choice.


Legs lock at four angles to adjust your stance to tight or unique locations.


Change leg length or angle with a single touch using adjustment levers at the top of your Soltek’s legs.


When done, bring the legs together to unlock them for instant retraction.


Go on. Bury the feet. 


Soltek 2.0 lets you love sand.


It’s also wind resistant, water- and swamp-proof, and sturdy. 


Could this be the last easel you ever buy?

Holds It All

Holds all you need but talent.


Still easel-ly fits in a carry-on.

Choose Your Soltek

Every painter is unique, so we made three different Solteks this time around.



For the painter who doesn’t want to compromise to paint plein air. 


60% more space than the Soltek Compact.


More convenient features built in like brush-holders on the wings.



For the ultralightweight travel warrior who wants it all in a compact package.

Perfect for watercolorists and available with a watercolor palette.



Need versatility and endless options? 


Get both the Soltek Compact & the Soltek Ultra for the best price.


Save $178 plus extra shipping by ordering both the Ultra and Compact box together.