Robert Cutler

About the Artist 1. DESCRIPTION OF PRESENT WORK. I turned highly figured bowls with intricate inlay. I use precious and semi-precious metals as well as prehistoric materials found in Alaska. Each piece is finished with a formula I developed to seal and protect the integrity of my inlay. This finish enhances the three dimensional properties of the wood. In the last few years I have started making custom knives out of Damascus and 440 c stainless steel. The handles are truly unique. They're are beautiful yet meant to be used. I have also created a line of jewelry. I laminate and inlaid wood, bronze, copper and silver incorporating the same techniques I use for my lidded and un lidded vessels. 2. DESCRIPTION OF SKILLS. Custom furniture building, wall sculptures, scrimshaw, carving, jewelry design, silver casting, welding, metal working. 3. PROJECTION OF FUTURE WORK. My desire is to create larger, more intricate pieces using my combined skills of design, inlay, carving, metal work and finishing techniques. 4. WHO OR WHAT HAS HAD THE GREATEST INFLUENCE ON YOUR WORK? God. He has given me the intense desire to leave something truly beautiful and of value to mankind long after I’m gone. 5. AWARDS OR COMMISSIONS. Best of Show Tri-Cities, WA. Holidays at the White House Washington D.C. People’s Choice Award Anchorage Fur Rendezvous Anchorage, Alaska 5 time winner People's Choice Award Box and Container competition Northwest Gallery of Fine Woodworking Seattle, WA. 6. MAJOR EXHIBITS Selected Works, del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, CA Collectors of Wood Art Forum, Scottsdale, AZ Against the Grain: Turned & Sculpted Wood, McAllen International Museum, American Art Company Tacoma, WA. Small Treasures del Mano Gallery Los Angeles, Ca Our Turn Now Ohio Crafts Museum Detroit Institute of Art Turned Wood del Mano Gallery Los Angeles, Ca. National Lathe Turned Objects exhibit , Highlight Gallery Mendocino, Ca. Holiday’s at the White House Washington, D.C. American Craft Council Show Baltimore, M.D. Kipp Gallery at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (SOFA) International Exposition of Sculpture Objects & Functional Art New York, New York (SOFA) International Exposition of Sculpture Objects & Functional Art, Chicago, Illinois Bespoke Global Galleries New York, N.Y Peabody Essex Museum Salem, MA 7.PERMANENT COLLECTIONS Smithsonian Institute, Renwick Gallery White House Permanent Collection Detroit Institute of the Arts Bob Bohlin Collection Ruth and David Waterbury Whoope Goldberg Collection Neil and Susan Kay Collection Fleur Bressler Collection 8. HOW DID YOU DECIDE OR EVOLVE INTO USING PRESENT MEDIUM? I was privilege to have grown up in Alaska when it was still a territory and was always intrigued by lessons nature had to teach. When it came time for me to make a living, I found conventional jobs too restricting and un fulfilling. I missed the excitement of creativity I experienced when I was closer to nature. I remember thinking how beautiful the trees in the Alaskan forest were and how could I create objects that would do them justice. 35 years later I am still at it. 9. DO YOU USE ANY PERSONALLY DESIGNED TOOLS OR TECHNIQUES? Yes, I have re-designed my metal lathe for outboard turning. The inlay and lamination work I do is of my own creation and design. Due to the unique materials and design of my work, I have also developed my own finishes and finishing techniques. 10. WHAT DO YOU DO TO EVOKE YOUR CREATIVITY? Creating is something I do instinctively. It's like breathing, I don't think about it, I just do it. Creating my work is relaxing and invigorating all at the same time. It's the hours of mundane turning and sanding that I could do without. 11. DO YOU DRAW YOUR DESIGNS AND CONCEPTS OR DESIGN AS YOU WORK? I always design as I work. I love surprises! 12. WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON THE CONTEMPORARY CRAFTS BEING PRODUCED NOW AND THE PLACE OF THE CRAFTS-PERSON TODAY? Craftsman was a title that used to be given to one who had acquired the skill and a philosophy to produce nothing but the highest level of work. I feel there are many crafts-people still producing excellent work today. Unfortunately there many who call themselves "craftsmen" but don't have the philosophy and therefore, never develop the true skills to become a fine crafts person. As far as the craft-persons place in our society today, I believe they've always had and will always have an important place in our society. They helped get us out of our caves and on to the moon. It doesn't matter what they build, beautiful works of art or space stations, their integrity and desire to produce the very best they can is what will help us achieve true civilization. 13. PUBLICATIONS FEATURING YOUR WORK. Conversations with Wood, the collection of Ruth and David Waterbury A Revolution in Wood, the Bressler Collection Nature Transformed, Wood Art form the Bohlen Collection Contemporary Turned Wood, Los Angeles, California The Fine Art of Wood, the Bohlen Collection Woodturning, Sussex, England Fine Furniture, Taunton Press, Newtown, Connecticut The Art of Wood Jewelry, Lark Books Wood Central Shop Shots, Saratoga, New York Alaska Magazine Anchorage, Alaska Alaska Handcraft Catalog Juneau, Alaska

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